What’s better than a Beer Garden? A Craft Beer Garden, that’s what! Join us under the Whitecap Pavilion and try some craft beer from across Northern Ontario… including some hard-to-find, one-off seasonals that were sent to us because, well… we are special. 🙂

So – c’mon down to the tent and drink some craft! We have tables indoor and out, so if it’s raining you have no excuse! And if it’s sunny, you don’t need an excuse. Beer on a patio on the lake. You bet! Read on for a list of breweries that will be joining us this year. Cheers.

Highlander Brew Co.

Highlander beer is a mix of the old and new. Some ingredients, such as hops and selected malts, are imported from Germany, United Kingdom, and the USA to give our beer a distinctive, Old-World flavour. Other ingredients are sourced locally in Ontario, both hand-harvested and purchased from farmers. Our careful selection of ingredients and careful attention to water quality make our beers shine.

Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.

Our beer is brewed in a region that has more lakes than people. A region known for it’s natural beauty, rugged wilderness and rocky shorelines. We are Ontario’s northernmost brewery. Our naturally carbonated beer is brewed in a 105 year old firehall in Kenora on the shores of Lake of the Woods.

Manitoulin Brewing Company

Manitoulin Brewing Company is the product of a couple of adventurous, interesting and fun-loving guys from Northern Ontario. Manitoulin Brewing Company has brewed you something great, a beer with quality ingredients, hand made in small batches and with an attention to detail that you won’t be able to find in any other glass. They hope you like it. For Manitoulin to have a beer of it’s own needed a couple of guys with a story as unique as the island.

Muskoka Brewery

At Muskoka Brewery, we’re about more than great beer.  We’re adventurers at heart, and we’re not afraid to venture off the beaten path. In 2015, we purchased a still that will allow us to distill a line of spirits as unique and premium as our beers. Since then, we’ve been continuously learning and experimenting, all to bring you the same quality you expect from our beers.

New Ontario Brewing Co.

At New Ontario Brewing Company, we believe that fresh ingredients, combined with creativity and craftsmanship, lead to a superior product that our customers will appreciate as being distinctly different from the large producers. Our flagship and seasonal beers allow us to continue experimenting and perfecting our craft.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

Located on the largest freshwater lake in the world, Sleeping Giant Brewing Company’s craft beers are inspired by Lake Superior and the northern wildness with its rich Canadian heritage. The brewery is just a few minutes from Canada Malting Co., meaning both water and malt are sourced locally.