Chili Cook-Off

People’s Choice Chili Competition

Information and Official Rules & Regulations

Date/Time: Sunday, June 24th from 3:00 pm until samples run out.

Location: Whitecap Pavilion 

Offering: 1 chili serving for $1.00. 500 potential servings. All meat supplied by Sysco Foods Canada. Teams are prohibited from supplying their own meat.

Team Prizes: 1st Place ribbon and SOTW prize package and 2nd & 3rd place ribbons.

Competitors: Pro and amateur teams. Samples to be managed by teams. Entry fee is FREE!

1. CHILI COOKED ON SITE: All chili must be cooked from scratch on site the day of the cook off. All chili must be pre-pared in the open. One cook must be at a station at any time (no unattended kitchens). Teams begin set-up and prep at 12:30pm (no earlier).
2. CHILI COOKED FROM SCRATCH. “Scratch” is defined as starting with raw meat (provided by SOTW). You will need to supply the cooking mechanism – propane cooker, coleman stove, etc).
3. Commercial chili powder is permissible (no packets of instant chili, taco or any other pre-packaged seasoning).
4. SANITATION- Cooks are to prepare and cook chili in as sanitary a manner as possible.
5. INSPECTION OF COOKING CONDITIONS- Cooking conditions are subject to inspection (before & during) by the SOTW Official or his/her designee. (Failure to comply is subject to disqualification.)
6. COOKS MAY HAVE TO TASTE THEIR CHILI – Chili cooks have to use disposable spoons. (If a contestant refuses, his or her chili will be disqualified.)
7. Plan to make 3 gallons of chili for 6 oz servings. We provide 5 lbs of ground beef per team.
8. Hygiene/Food Handling: Please attempt to keep foreign debris out of your chili. Head cook is responsible for maintaining a clean and hygienic area and will ensure that all food is prepared and handled in a safe manner.

• Two member maximum on a team. The winning teams will be awarded one prize per team.
• Chili must be prepared and cooked on site from scratch.
• The temperature of your chili must reach 74 degrees (165F) before it can be served or judged
• Teams must provide a way to keep chili hot. The temperature of your chili must be maintained at 60 degree (140 F) at all time while being served.
• All Ingredients must be prepared (chopped, sliced or diced etc.) on site, during the competition, and not prior to the event start. All teams must furnish their own cooking utensils and equipment including a water container (for washing hands) with spigot and a 5 gallon catch pail.
• Only fresh and store bought un-opened canned ingredients may be used. Home sealed canning will NOT be permitted. No instant chili/taco mixes or packets of any combination for example.
• No Alcohol permitted in your Chili, in your cooking area for consumption, or on the festival site. This will result in immediate disqualification & ejection from the site. No Exceptions. No Refunds.
• Each team MUST provide a list of ALL potential ingredients (not your recipe) proposed to be in their chili at their station. This must be in a visible location on your table (to protect those with food allergies).
• Be prepared to serve from 3 pm until 5 pm. Competition area is next to the Whitecap Pavillion (please refer to the festival website sitemap). Winners are announced 5pm at the Main Stage.

REMEMBER. Your chili needs to be friendly for all tasters. Spice and flavor is great, but an hnsanely Hot spicy bowl of chili may not be everyone’s cup of tea!!!

• 3 gallons of chili.
• Tables, chairs, wipeable tablecloth, etc. 5 – 10′ X 10′ pop-up tents will be provided. 1st come 1st serve. All others will be required to bring their own.
• Responsible for own trash and clean up in your area.
• No additional food or beverage items can be sold or given.
• All coolers must use ice packs, NOT “ICE”.
• Aprons & hair restraints i.e., pony tail, hair nets, hat or toque for a hair restraint.

Your ingredient COSTS: $20.00 – 50.00 average. Chef dependent.

• 5 lbs Government Inspected Ground Beef
• Spoons and tasting bowls
• Peoples Choice Score event chips • Chili event garbage cans.
• Either the Chef or Sous Chef participating in event must be over the age of 18

You will need to bring everything you might require to make your chili. Rule of thumb – if you think you might need it, bring it. Items you might need:

  • Propane for grill (1 full tanks is a great idea)
  • Grill
  • Ingredients
  • Pot
  • Can opener
  • Unused Cutting boards and cooking utensils
  • Hot pads
  • Containers to take away your leftovers
  • Cooler

People’s Choice Format. Participants will pay $1.00 for a 6oz chili sample, and once finished they will vote for their favorite sample. Votes will be tabulated and awards/prizes will be given to the 3 most popular samples.

Team Application

  • By completing and submitting your registration you are acknowledging that the Head Chef has read and understands all the rules and information as identified above.