Wing Thing

People’s Choice Chicken Wing Competition

Information and Official Rules & Regulations

Date/Time: Saturday, June 23rd from 3:00 pm until samples run out.

Location: Whitecap Pavilion Parking Lot

Offering: 1 chicken wing drumette serving for $1 with 6000 potential servings. All meat supplied by Sysco Foods Canada. Teams are prohibited from supplying their own meat.

Team Prize: 1st Place ribbon and SOTW prize package and 2nd – 3rd Place ribbons.

Competitors: Pro and amateur teams. Samples to be managed by teams.

Description: Due in large part to much public demand, The Smoke on the Water Festival would like to give the general public the opportunity to taste authentic southern style bbq, as is done at many competitions throughout North America. These various competitions will hold a “People’s Choice Event” (PCE) where the public can pay to sample bbq’d foods cooked by the competition teams. This PCE is not part of the sanctioned competition, where teams cook 4 specific meats that will be judged by the Kansas City BBQ Society trained and certified judges. A PCE will be sampled and judged by the general public so they may get more involved and be able to sample real “low ‘n slow” bbq. Participants will pay $1.00 for a chicken wing drumette sample, and once finished they will vote for their favorite sample. Votes will be tabulated and awards/prizes will be given to the 3 most popular samples.

Team Registration: See below.

Official Rules and Regulations

General Information
Team set-up to begin at 8:00 am and teams must be on site no later than 9:00 am on Saturday, May, 21st. Team meeting to be held in the Whitecap Pavillion and will commence at 11:00 am on Saturday. DO NOT BE LATE.

Smoke on the Water Festival (SOTW) will transport fresh (not frozen) uncooked drumettes (in original packaging) via reefer to designated spot in BBQ parking lot. SOTW will distribute to teams Saturday starting at 8 am as requested. Teams are prohibited from using any drumettes other than that supplied by SOTW. All entries must be prepared at the team’s cooksite. Rubs/marinades and “secret ingredients” supplied by teams. Teams may use propane, electric, charcoal or wood fired grills. Open pits or holes are prohibited and fires shall not be built on the ground. Cooking methods other than barbequing (Eg: parboiling, deep frying, Souse-vide, etc.) are prohibited. Teams will cook and hot-hold a maximum of 200 drumettes and less if more than 30 teams participate. Drumette internal temperature must reach minimum 74 degrees C (165 F).

Drumettes must be cooked by 2:00 pm. Participants will purchase no more than 30 tickets and will be given a plate and ballot, and once wings are consumed will fill out a ballot where the tickets were purchased. SOTW to provide 1 approved hand washing station at the sample area. Participant prize to be announced at approximately 5:00 pm on Saturday the 21st in the Whitecap Pavilion and at least 1 team member must be in attendance.

Teams will provide clean, unused cutting boards, utensils, etc. for preparation, hot holding and distributing samples. Teams may use the 3 compartment sink provided by SOTW to clean their equipment at the end of the PCE, but not before, and must have clean, unused cooking equipment specifically for the PCE.

Competition setup:
Each competition site measures 20’ X 10’ and will include access to 15 amp power (please bring extension cords), hot/cold running water (please bring pails to transport), and handwashing station. Teams are responsible to keep their cooksite clean and remove any garbage at the end of the competition. Please set up your cooking equipment in a manner to allow the general public to view and ask questions. This would entail parking any vehicles in the adjacent parking area on Bernier Drive.

Each team will be responsible to include at their competition site:

  • Cover for prep area (pop-up tent) with sufficient anchoring (stakes not allowed), and all tables and chairs.
  • 1 Fire extinguisher per cooksite.
  • Handwash Station: Minimum shall be a water jug with spigot (eg: blue 5 gallon water jug) placed on table with 5 gallon pail below to capture water. Liquid soap and single use towels (either on roll dispensor or container) also required. Latex/plastic gloves are recommended.
  • Metal stem probe thermometer.
  • Sufficient shelves and/or smooth, non-absorbent tables to hold food at least 6 inches from ground. Sanitizing of work area should be implemented with the use of a bleach/water rinse (one cap per 4 litres or 1 gallon of water). Each contestant will provide separate containers for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing of utensils. We will also provide a 3 compartment sink with hot/cold water for your use.
  • Unused utensils/cutting boards/etc. only must be used for the People’s Choice competition.
  • Grills will be inspected for cleanliness before cooking begins. Unclean grills will be rejected.
  • Hot foods must be kept hot at a temperature of 60 degrees C (140 F) or hotter, and cold food must be kept cold and held cold at 5 degrees C (41 F) or colder in drained cooler.
  • Use of any tobacco products at cooksite is strictly prohibited. Shirts and shoes required by all at cooksite.
  • Excessive use of alcohol and/or rowdiness is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the festival site.

Meat Inspection:
SOTW reserves the right to inspect team site at any time during the competition.

Ice is available for sale on site for $TBA per bag located in the freezer at the wash station. Please see me or one of the volunteers to purchase. Refrigerator/reefer for meat storage will also be in this location.

Hot Coals, Grease, Grey Water and Garbage:
Will be located at the wash station. You will be responsible to dispose of your garbage. Please try to place your personal garbage bags and/or containers to the rear of your site away from the public’s view and keep closed until needed.There will be 1 – 45 gallon hot coal drum and 1 commercial grease container. Please do not put garbage in these containers. Please bring sufficient pails to transport grease to drums to avoid spillage.

In Conclusion
SOTW will maintain ongoing consultations with the area provincial health inspector (PHI) to ensure all PHI regulations are adhered to. Any PHI updates to this document will be sent to all registered teams.

Thanks for your interest and hope to see you there.


Wing Thing Team Registration

Please fill out the online form below, or if you wish you can download the form & mail to:

Smoke on the Water Festival
98 Hopwood Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  R3P 1C3

For further information please contact Perry Hopkins by email or by phone at (204) 832-0353.